Prelude app design

This team Research project was focused on finding and addressing frustrations within the Senior Citizen community. We worked with a group of 10 seniors through a series of research explorations to identify opportunities for improvement. While focusing on physical products, we discovered that a greater pain for the participants was focused around the decisions they had to make on when to move or stay put. As Seniors with most or all faculties still functioning, but realizing that their limitations are increasing, they found it difficult to have conversations with their loved ones about whether to move into a senior facility, move in with family members, or say put a little longer.

The Prelude app was designed with the direct input of our participants and team members (which included Design Researchers, and Occupational Therapist, an MBA, a UX Engineer, and a Health Care Administrator). It allows for the Senior user to select options that will help in the decision-making process, share the results with family members, and access resources and case studies similar to their situation. All of these allow for a more focused, and slightly less emotional, conversation with loved ones, as well as clear direction on what to do next.

Team members: Rachael Kenter, Maggie Rusnack, David McKenzie, Shasank Nagavarapu, and Myself

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